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Curated social media

We often talk about social media, and the time it eats up for most people.  The platforms allow you to curate the way you present yourself to the world. We share the good photos, the tidy rooms, the tasty meals, the fun with friends. Less often shown are photos of disorder, discord, or the third night in a row of leftovers for supper.  The result of that kind of sharing can be shame. If everyone else is having fun, eating gormet food, and living in a beautifully designed and orderly space, what is wrong with me???? And yet... I still use both Instagram and Facebook, although Instagram gets more of my time. Everyone who knows me well, knows my living space is rarely perfectly organized and uncluttered, but those who only see my feed may not get that impression. I take pictures when gratitude becomes my focal point. I frame the photos so that the thing I am noticing will take center stage.  Today I took a photo of freshly baked bread. I took a photo only of the bread, cooling on the coun

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