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Shutterfly remembers

Yesterday morning I got an email from Shutterfly that I could view photos from Christmas thirteen years ago. Included in the email were some teasers. These don't seem that long ago, but so much has happened since then.

This first Christmas without Mom has been harder than I expected. I think her loss makes other losses more intense, including the loss of Dad and also of Chuck's Dad.

Today we kids got together again at her house to continue to go through things. It is so so good to be together for this task. I've had a lot of tears this evening, but they are good tears.

Mom had some things already divided up for us and labeled, so I waited to look at a lot of that until I got home.

There are pictures of my great-grandparents, whom I never knew.

And my Schmidt grandparents' wedding picture

I had the privilege of being the first baby in my family and the first grandchild in the Schmidt family. From the hairstyles and clothing it is clear this was a long time ago. Still, …

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