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Take My Moments

Once the house is decorated for Christmas, I love being home with the candles lit. 

Decorating for Christmas gives me a chance to eliminate some of the stuff that clutters our surfaces in favor of the visuals that create a peaceful and meditative environment. Briefly, that environment holds us. Now that there are fewer programs to attend, there are more evenings to be home with candles lit and music playing.

I have to admit to being choosy about the Christmas music, and as often as not, the music is not specifically Christmas music. 
I wanted the tree to be smaller this year, without making a purchase of a smaller tree. The answer was to build the tree without the back branches. Then we used only the smallest branches for the front half of the tree and pushed it up against the window.

I had some help decorating the tree. Sarah put three angels all together on a branch of the tree. When I asked her if she wanted to spread them out, she was so certain. She said, "No! They are frie…

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