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A new season in more ways than one.

Today marks the first time mowing the lawn this year, so it finally feels like spring is here. 
There was one year when the first mowing was during the last week in February, but only one that I can remember. Most of the time it is sometime in March. This year we are already in April.

Before I could start I had to deal with a flat tire on the front of our riding mower. It was so flat the bead was broken.
I learned the meaning of the bead being broken when I was a sophmore in college and some unnamed pranksters pushed my car in front of the Adminsitration Building before letting the air out of the tires. Maintenance was going to air them up for me so that I could drive it away, but...the bead was broken.
So now, what that means to me is that this is a problem someone else will have to fix for me.
Usually that would be Chuck.* 
But we are in a new season right now in another way. 
Three and a half weeks ago we found out Chuck has some kind of brain injury, and after a trip to the emerg…

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