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Late night thoughts

I’m lying on the sofa right now. It’s 11 p.m. and the room is dark except for a night light and my computer screen.
I’m on the sofa, as I said, and between me and the dining room are four sleeping children. I can hear them breathing even over the folk music playing on Pandora. The music is playing to soothe them. It’s just too tempting for kids to try to keep each other awake at a sleepover. But I’m a grandma now, not just a mom, and I need sleep I’m sleeping in the room with the kids to dampen the hijinks and hopefully get some sleep as well.

It has been a busy day, full of fun and activity that includes cooking together and field trips and play and a lot of fart jokes. I don’t think I ever did this kind of weekend with my cousins or my grandparents. This is only the second one we have done with the grandchildren, ranging in age from four to ten years old. Who knows how long these kids will want to spend this kind of time with us. Or how long we will have the kind of stamina …

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