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What I'm Reading

I’m reading the book, Dancing with Elephants, by Jarem Sawatzky. Jarem has inherited the genetic terminal illness called Huntington’s disease. Watching his mother, and nearly all of her siblings, die of Huntington’s disease made the possibility of his own future illness undeniable.
Huntington’s is passed from parent to child. It is a dominant gene, so if you are born with the gene, the disease will be your cause of death. But before that happens, the disease will take absolutely everything from you that makes you who you are. It changes personality, ability to move, to communicate, causing you to become silent within your own body, still thinking, but unable to express those thoughts. Symptoms usually appear sometime between the ages of thirty and fifty.
Jarem was a college professor until soon after his symptoms appeared. He taught peace and conflict studies at Canadian Mennonite University. He wrote. He did research. And now, even as he faces his early symptoms, he has chosen to wri…

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