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Accidental Lenten Practice

Easter is past, and I never chose a Lenten practice.
Perhaps one chose me, for it was before Ash Wednesday/Valentines Day that I stumbled upon the enneagram.
It is not the first time I've looked at enneagram theory. It IS the first time I found it helpful.
I'm too new to this to explain it in a blog post. But what I've found has explained things to me about myself that gave me some understanding into things I do well, as well as things I struggle against.
The funny part is that it can be a relief to know that your weaknesses can be described by a personality type. Mostly I've wanted to find my personality in whichever type was practically perfect. Myers-Briggs is good for this. It describes the many personality variations in positive terms. It resonates, because you find a description that both fits you and is flattering.  I could feel strong and validated, gifted and special.

But that kind of description didn't help so much with my frustrations about things that a…

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