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Mom's Life Sketch

It has been a busy time. Mom's life here has ended, and we have celebrated it.
It was a good celebration.
Grandchildren played in the prelude and did the special music, which was wonderful since one thing she loved during her life was enjoying the music talents of the grandchildren. The rest of the music was played by a friend of Mom's who also played at Dad's funeral. Mom has loved her music since the first time she heard her play. Grandchildren also read the scripture, and the sermon was given by our pastor, who also happens to be our distant cousin.
Many relatives and friends attended and stayed for the meal afterwards, greeting us with hugs and stories.
We are grateful to have spent that time with so many of you who loved her well. Thank you.

For those of you who knew her and were not able to attend, I wanted to add here the things we read at the memorial.
Of course, you can't describe a person adequately with words, and every day I think of more things that could have be…

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