Friday, August 14, 2009

Jesus for President

I finished reading "Jesus For President" today, and I'm going to read it again sometime in the not too distant future. I borrowed Tim's copy, and read it before he had a chance. I kept coming to things I wanted to share and he occasionally would remind me that he would like to read the book himself.

The book is an exhortation for those of us called by Christ's name to truly be like him in every way. I have a long way to go, but I really want that.

As I read, I caught myself being swept away by the big things people have done because of their faith. I want to do big things. Sometimes I want to do big things so much I miss the small things. Daily faithfulness is primarily the interactions and choices we make every day. Who do we invite into our lives? Who do we exclude? How do we interact with the people we live with. How do we make our daily choices so that we (the rich minority in the world) live so that others may also live? What do we eat? What do we wear? What do we buy? How much do we drive?

It's not that I think we are to be bound by a set of rules, but that in everything we are to be so in love with who Jesus is that we make our choices in view of that. Jesus was amazing. He was unafraid. He could do right, speak out honestly and forthrightly, befriend anyone, make people uncomfortable, show mercy, confront when necessary, call people out in their sin, forgive when no one else was forgiving, live out of fierce love for us---all this and more without fear of the consequences to him in terms of security, safety, or public opinion. He desired the same for us.