Saturday, November 28, 2009

Garden vs. Farm

The farm and the garden battled it out today and the garden took a hit.

It is milo harvest and the garden is not too far from the big bins where we store our grain. I was using this last really warm (64 degrees) afternoon to turn the soil in some of the raised beds so that they will be ready for early vegetables in spring. The one closest to the bins was about half done when Chuck came to me and said that he was going to have to park a tractor on that particular raised bed.

The driveway that goes past the bins also goes right past the garden. In order for the grain trucks to be able to follow the driveway around the loop, the tractor that turns the auger lifting the grain into the bin has to be off to the my garden.

It was almost painful to watch those huge heavy wheels compact that wonderful deeply tilled loose soil. Chuck promised that next year he would change the path of the drive so that my beds will be safe.

It was a perfect day for digging. I got the soybeans turned under in hopes of increasing the nitrogen in the last bed where they were planted. I also dug one bed that had a nice green cover crop of young weeds. The dirt is so easy to turn that it takes less than half an hour to dig a bed 3 feet by 20 feet.