Friday, October 19, 2007

Not much, you?

There are six 14-year olds in my living room eating popcorn, drinking soda, and watching Nacho Libre. They talk and laugh as much as they watch and I'm sure all theatre goers are glad these kids are at home. It's the first time in a long time I've had high school kids gathered in my house. They are nice kids, but I think I made a mistake putting out so much pop. I'm sure one of them had at least 3 sodas and one took an extra home with him. Since we are on a food budget, it won't get replaced until there is a good sale.

This has been a good week. Chuck and I had a date night Monday---take out and a movie at home while Tim stayed with Ben and Andrea. We watched one of Chuck's favorites because it was his turn to plan the evening. Where the Heart Is with Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd is not much for realism, but it's fun and sentimental and that meets Chuck's criteria.

Chuck decided to take it easy on the farm Tuesday so he could help me do applesauce. I don't know when he's ever helped with applesauce during the day, but that was such a treat for me. We did about 2 bushels of apples and now we are nearly done putting up food for the winter. I still will dig sweet potatoes and I may freeze some chard for some winter meals. I'll probably dry some parsley and basil too.

Wednesday was applesauce again, this time with Laura, and also two bushels of apples. We had Lethal Weapon 3 to entertain us while we cut them up and waited for them to steam. Since she can't do much lifting right now it was good to have her here where we could talk and I could move the kettles and the boxes of apples, and I could work alongside her.

Thursday we helped take supper to the homeless shelter and afterwards I watched ER.

Today I made my own version of Italian wedding soup. Actually, with no meatballs it probably could not be considered Italian wedding soup at all, but I used the recipe as a springboard and I think it was great. Chicken broth simmered with garlic, onion, celery and parsley. As much chopped chard as I could fit into the kettle. Whole wheat rotini. Everything stirred together and served hot with fresh grated Parmesan cheese melting on top and whole wheat bread on the side. Tim won't eat it but I'll make it again someday for myself.

This evening I made real beef stroganoff, with steak cut in strips and fresh sliced mushrooms and beef broth and sour cream---not the hamburger and mushroom soup quick meal that we have had so many times. And I just finished the clean up when the teenagers descended upon us.

Tomorrow I'll drive four kids to Youth Symphony rehersal and then spend the afternoon with my nephews. Sunday will be a drive to the detention center to see James.

I'm just realizing that this whole entry is about spending time with people and making or enjoying food. I guess a lot of my time revolves around those two things. That's a good thing.