Sunday, June 29, 2008

moment for laughter

Sorry I've been neglecting the blog lately.

I sometimes go to and pick a bunch of stories to listen to while I work. I found this one that made me laugh. Last night I played it for Laura and she laughed too. She suggested I share it here. I won't tell the story because it is best told in the voice of the woman who lived it. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What do you do with your time???

For those of you who have been home sick for Kansas, it is time to set that aside until September. The chiggers are here. Time to get out the toxic sprays and protect ourselves from itching that can drive one insane.

Haven't been writing much, obviously. I have been spending a lot of time in two places.

The garden has been getting a lot of attention. I am finally done hoeing all of the vegetables and making trenches between the rows of corn for irrigation. I began the mulching this evening and got 2/3 done with the tomatoes. We didn't begin until about 7:30 pm so we made pretty good time. Chuck doesn't really have time to help me right now because the farm is pretty busy. But he was working on an auger where he could see me with my pitchfork pitching compost into the wheelbarrow and then trudging to the tomatoes to throw it back out of the wheelbarrow. He felt sorry for me. When he finished with the auger he took the pitchfork and the wheelbarrow away from me and let me spread out the newspapers and push the compost up close the the tomato plants.

The tomatoes need cages yet this week, before they get so big that I have to break branches to fit the cages over them. The long beans need a cattle panel to climb. And everything else still needs mulch.

When the veggies have what they need, I need to hoe the parts of the garden that don't have anything. I have a pretty big garden, and since I didn't put in potatoes this spring, I have extra space.

Besides gardening, I've found an on line support group for people who are raising kids that have attachment disorder. Summer is always more stressful with attachment disorder in the house. It is nice to be able to find encouragement during the moments I can grab. I don't have to leave the house, or find a sitter, or wait until the next scheduled meeting. It works pretty good.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Lots to do

I've been plugging away at the yard and garden. There is always more to do. For now the beans are weeded and organically sprayed (because the leaves are like lace from bugs), the beets are weeded and also organically sprayed, the tomatoes are weeded, one row of corn hoed, flower beds hoed and mostly watered, yard mowed and raked (because the grass had been so tall, and because I need lots of compost for next year's garden).

Still to do: Hoe the rest of the corn and dig irrigation ditches between the rows; plant butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and green peppers; replant summer squash and cucumbers, mulch everything, pull weeds in back flower bed, get rid of unwanted volunteer trees, trim more bushes.

I'm having trouble feeling guilty about my resolve to not help with Bible school. Summer is a busy time and I have already added some new things. The problem is that my responsibilities do not have hours assigned to them, so it feels funny to say I am too busy.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Shingles vaccine

Just listening to NPR stories that interest me and happened on one about a vaccine for shingles. According to the article, your chances for getting shingles doubles if your parent, sibling, or child has already had shingles. It quadruples if two of those people have had shingles.

I have two people in that group who have had shingles. The vaccine costs around $160.

They describe the pain of shingles in the article. They said that medicare and some insurances cover it for those over 60, but that they are urging coverage now for those over 50.

They blame the increase in cases of shingles on the chicken pox vaccine. The thinking is that when all kids got chicken pox, there were enough cases of chicken pox walking around that they served as booster shots for adults. Now that most kids do not get chicken pox, adults' immunity to shingles has weakened.