Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baccalaureate and Graduation

Baccalaureate and Graduation were already over a week ago, but we have had internet problems on top of a busy schedule.  The pics are going up late. 

The first group is from Baccalaureate, a worship service held at the high school gymnasium which is planned by the local ministerial alliance.  It was a long service.  The orchestra was great in its last home performance.  The Choraleers sang "For Good", which is that tear-jerker song that comes at the end of the musical, Wicked.  (Yes, we did get the irony of a song from Wicked at a worship service.)

There was an invocation, message, and benediction.  Joel and Kay from our church did the invocation.  The message was given by another pastor from the ministerial alliance, and had some inspirational points about how small acts of kindness make a big difference.  There were some other points in the message as well, about how our country is losing its stability due to fatherless families.  I was sorry about the inclusion of that.  The single mom families who made it to baccalaureate were not the families that needed to hear a message like that.  We could save that one for a meeting of fathers who have abandoned their families.  Meanwhile, the moms who are doing their best, and the families who have lost dads in tragic ways, could have been spared the doomsday statistics.

After the graduates walked out, there were a lot of confused parents wondering where the graduates all ended up.  Finally we found them in the commons area, and took time for some pictures.  Since it took us so long to find Tim, and I was slow in getting out my camera, we didn't get nearly all of his friends.

Bryce, Tim and Andrew - Jazz I friends

Tim and Abby

Mason and Tim

Graduation was held on May 21 at the football stadium.  Because the families and friends sit in the stadium seating and can't get anywhere close to take pictures, the school provides photographers to capture the moment of receiving the diploma and the smiling 'after' shot---which you can then purchase for a fee.  The following pictures are are from after the ceremony was over and we were hanging out with friends outside the football field.  In all the baccalaureate and graduation pictures Tim is wearing the gold cord for completing the honors curriculum, and the medal for being one of the seven valedictorians. 

Tim with my parents

and with us

and Andrea and Ben


Abby and Tim

Cousins - Erin and Tim

with their grandparents

with Laura and baby Aaron

Christian and Tim, friends and house painters

with some fill flash to light up their bright and smiling faces

and the classic, sitting-on-the-steps-laughing cousins picture