First Wrestling Meet

The first wrestling meet was yesterday. Somehow we read the schedule wrong so it caught us by surprise and my son didn't have money for supper so he went from noon until after 8:00 without food. Included in the surprise was finding out AT THE MEET that his hair was too long for him to wrestle and getting an on-the-spot choppy hair cut from the coach.

He had two matches. The first he won easily. The second was more like a boxing match with his opponent using excess speed and force with his moves in order to not only restrain my son but also to hurt him. He had enough blows to the head that later, on the bus when he was talking to his coach, he became incoherent for a while. He had an incredible headache and went to bed early and the mom in me hates this, but he's ready to go back for more this afternoon.

This morning I tried to fix the haircut. I think he looks good, but it is too smooth for him. He likes the careless messy unkempt look and it probably isn't that. He can grow it out messy again after wrestling if he wants to.


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