He found it!

My Grandson found his thumb today. He was so excited about finding it that even though he was exhausted, he had to stay awake to enjoy it. I think he forced his little eyes to stay open at least a half hour past the time his body was mostly relaxed.

OK, I know that this is not news that most of the world cares about. But since I was a thumb sucker and one of my daughters was as well, it is kind of fun for me.

As for news that most of the world seems to not care about, I read an article today about the conflict in Congo. This is not an article for children to read. It is quite long, so be ready to sit for a while.

The stuff that happens there is unimaginable. The really frightening part of the article is the reason for the insanity. The western world's demand for the diamonds, and for the metals that go into making cell phones, laptop computers, and game systems is what drives the violence there.


SubSub said…
Wow! His hair is soooo curly!!
spiderwart said…
Thanks for taking that picture! Greg told me aboutit when he brought him to see me at work ;ast night.


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