show and tell

Any show and tell has to begin with Luke, who came over in just his diaper a couple of weeks ago. I've been too busy to blog, but it's still a fun picture. He is such fun.I picked beans this morning. This is my fourth picking. Probably I will only pick one more time because I don't think they are blooming much any more.

The garden is growing almost while I watch. I was so proud of it a week ago. No weeds. Mulched thoroughly. Everything perfect. Now the seeds in the mulch have sprouted and grown and it looks messy and a bit overgrown again. thank goodness it is raining right now so I can work on my beans without feeling guilty for not being out there pulling weeds.

I fell on my bike Sunday. It was stupid really. I was going extremely slow, turning a corner from a sidewalk into a parking lot. The parking lot was bordered by a six inch high concrete accent wall.

The reason I was going to the parking lot was so we could discuss our route home. I was thinking about the route. When I saw my wheel getting too close to the accent wall I tried to slow down. But since my mind was on route, my childhood brain took over. I back-pedaled like I would have with my little girl bike instead of using my hand brake. That totally threw me off balance.
When I realized I was going to fall, my biggest concern was to save my knees. I was successful. I stubbed my toe a little, and ended up only using my hand a little bit at the end of the fall to catch myself resulting in a small scratch on my palm.

When I got up there was a little scrape on each of my legs that came from bicycle parts hitting my legs on the way down. Two days later, my little scrapes look like devastating bruises. They don't hurt. Really. If I bump them I can feel that I have a bruise. Otherwise they are just good conversation starters.


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