Just a great day

This has been such a pleasant day that I just had to be grateful publicly.

I was wakened early this morning when Chuck slipped into bed after having been awake during the night for a while.  He said he'd been lying awake thinking about what an amazing woman I am.  Then he listed some things he was grateful for.  This isn't my usual way of waking up, but it was definitely a nice way of waking up.

Daylight savings time is over!!! 

The weather was so perfect today---bright, perfect temperature, very little wind.

This morning my adult class invited my 5th-6th grade class for breakfast.  This happened because my adult class is praying for my 5th-6th grade class and wanted to get to know them better.  My youthful class members came in very rambunctious this morning.  It looked to be a challenging day.  I gave them some instructions about expected behaviors at breakfast.  Then I gave them again, and again.  Finally everyone had been quiet long enough to hear the directions.  We went to breakfast, where each child teamed up with at least one adult for conversation.

While they ate and conversed a peacefulness spread over the room and I looked around to see everyone engaged and enjoying themselves appropriately.  When we went back to class, I gave them scrap paper for doodling while I told the story of the Ten Commandments.  Doodling seems to be a necessity for this very active class.  If their hands are busy they are more able to listen, and they did listen well.  It was a good class time, with appropriate discussion and thoughtful questions and comments from the kids.

Worship was great.  Ben, Dwayne and Jesse made a fine worship band and Anita had a good sermon

I got a nice afternoon nap after having Mennonite Weekly Review for lunch.  Then I began a baby blanket while Chuck chored and rode bike.

We had a great dinner at Applebees with Dad and Mom to celebrate their 58th anniversary.  We stayed at the table long after we were done because the conversation was relaxing and interesting.

Then on to a friend's home to sit around a fire outdoors and reminisce about Cookie with Dave and others who loved her.

It was altogether an exceptional day.


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