Belated Birthday

My birthday is over and done, but I just had to record some of it so that I can enjoy it again later.  The actual birthday was not a good day for a family celebration because of other plans. We celebrated two days early. Chuck planned a simple and fun supper that included Nathan's hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, Dillons potato salad and baked beans, chips, veggies, and home made peach cobbler.

I wish I had a picture of the cobbler, because it was beautiful. Chuck was making a different size batch than the recipe he had chosen, so with figuring out the percentage increase, and the amount of thickening to add to the fruit, and then adding an extra pan at the end when it looked like it might not fit into just one pan, well, the mixing got a little mixed up.

The fruit and sugar and thickening were placed in the pans. Then Chuck mixed the dry ingredients and sprinkled them on the fruit, forgetting to add the milk. Now what should he do??? He measured the milk, and sprinkled it over the dry ingredients and used a fork to gently mix it in.

Then he added the decadent topping, a sugar cornstarch mixture topped with boiling water, which forms this amazing crusty topping when it bakes. I wasn't sure if it would all work, but when it came out of the oven, it was perfect. We froze the smaller pan and just finished up the last of it a couple of days ago. I got to enjoy my birthday a long time!

The kids and grandkids arrived after work, and our mothers came too. We sat outside and watched the kids play while Chuck did the grilling. I opened gifts and cards. It was lovely.

Each of the grandchildren had made me a thoughtful card or picture. Kid art doesn't always last long, and that is the biggest reason I'm posting about my birthday. I want to remember these cards.

Luke wrote me a letter. He wrote it alone without asking for any help and it included a picture he drew.

Aaron drew me a picture of a birthday cake, and made sure it was chocolate, since he knows I love chocolate! Aaron also likes to make sure he draws himself with the person he cares about and nearly always has lines showing the relationship somehow. In this picture, I think he and I are enjoying that yummy cake.

Charlie drew and under-the-sea landscape. He put in hearts so that I would know for sure he loves me. And he wrote all the words in yellow because whenever we play Sorry or Monopoly, I choose yellow for my game pieces.

Sarah made a cut and paste picture and picked colors and shapes she knew I would like.

The party was fun, and two days later we got to spend the weekend with them at the Walnut Valley Festival, listening to music and camping. We pulled out the old pop up camper and found out that the beds are still comfortable, although some of the other parts have deteriorated a bit. Still, comfortable dry beds are definitely a plus.

There was a lot of good music and time to relax and enjoy. A great way to dray out my birthday!


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