What Marks 2017?

Two things from last year,

my friend wrote;

things that
marked the last year.

Bring them to small group tonight.

We were trying to keep our evening short, so I knew I had to stick to only two things, in order for everyone to have a chance to share. Here, in no particular order, are the things I thought of bringing.  

A photo of house finches, which brought me hope when six of them, SIX! at one time! showed up at my feeder after a long long absence, their red heads mixing among the grays and browns and blacks of the sparrows surrounding them. 

My Chromebook, because I've written more regularly this year than any year in my life, and learned more about what I want to write, although that is definitely still a work in progress. 

My phone, for all the nights I spent awake, and read books on my phone in order to quiet the thoughts in my head.

Spinach, or pecans, or berries, for the new ways I'm trying to eat in ways that may or may not fend off mental decline that seems to be prevalent in my genetics.

A bag of M’n’Ms for the vice that negates some of the benefits of the spinach.

An obituary, for a beleaguered friendship that may not be revivable.

My phone again, or else any of a number of books for the time I've spent reading and listening to podcasts on racism.

A blog post, since the blog has been more of a companion on this journey lately.

Play dough, for my grandchildren, which as they grow, also make me grow,
just as their parents, aunts and uncles did and still do, nearly every day.

A candle, for hope in darkness...not a lot of light, but enough light.

A prayer book or Bible, my guides to prayer, to thought, to understanding, to questioning, to confession, to restoration.

My phone, yet again, for all the texts and phone calls with my siblings regarding the care of my mother.

A succulent, for the joy of planting the new succulent bed and for having Christmas cacti bloom this year.

My dining room table, for all the many many nourishing and thought provoking conversations over food and hot drink that have occurred there this year. Might be hard to carry, but still…

I don’t know how to mark a year. 
Certainly gratitude is one way,.
Lessons learned.
Lessons to be learned.
to the things over which I have no control
over the things which I can change

What did I bring to small group? This blog post, and a candle.


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