The word for today is "People"

To begin, I need to acknowledge the death of someone whom I've known since before I can remember. 

Our parents were friends and made music together regularly. In high school we were also neighbors and went to the same school. We've always attended the same church. He and his wife were youth sponsors with me and my husband during the early years of our marriages. Our children were and are friends. 

I pray that in these holy days of stark loss and gratitude for a life lived well, that this family will be surrounded and feel the care that others extend to them. 


With that as the beginning to my long day, it is not surprising that the day was full of emotion and thoughtfulness.

For an introvert, I did the uncharacteristic thing. 

I filled the day with people, 
from ten this morning until after ten this evening, with only brief breaks for hastily grabbed crackers and hummus for lunch and a peanut butter sandwich for supper. I enjoyed coffee with one friend, hot tea with another, and an evening of reflection and honest conversation with a group at church in the evening, topped off with a talk with my husband at the end of the day.

By supper, I worried that I was going to regret scheduling so much people time and so little time for reflection into one day.

Now I know it was not a mistake.

Each conversation brought me in touch with the gifts, joys, talents, hopes, dreams, hurts, questions, growth, pain, and holy sparks that exist in those with whom I spent time. 

In addition, the meeting this evening was another step in honestly and vulnerably seeking to become the safest and most truthful and grace filled church we possibly can be, one conversation at a time, moving forward with intention.

So you know who you are. Thank you for making an introvert grateful to be around people absolutely all day.

The friend we lost today WAS a people person, more so than I am. I think he would have filled his day today with people, too, and been glad of it at the end of the day. 


Birdsell family said…
Thank you so much, Bev. You are absolutely correct, dad was a people person and would be glad of your day full of people.

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