We got home yesterday from a week in Vermont with Becca and Joseph. If was a good week with plenty of time to just hang out and enjoy each other. We met Mosely.

Mosely is a lively and sweet pug/rat terrier who is quite well behaved in the face of tremendous energy. He has this great thing he does with his head when people whistle.

One of the things we did was take a trip to tour Ben and Jerry's Ice cream factory. That was fun, and we got to taste the ice cream---and we bought souveniers! Being a tourist stop, there are places to take pictures.

We also visited a cheese store and a chocolate store, and bought souveniers at both places, but did not take pictures.

We had a great time visiting Becca at work. This is the mixer she uses to make the artisan breads.

Here is a work table with bins of flour labeled underneath.

And here she is holding a loaf of bread on a peel (this big paddle made to remove things from deep ovens) in front of the huge oven they use for the breads and pizzas.

You can see three long doors in the oven---three levels of baking, all on brick, four or five feet to the back of the oven.

We got to see Joseph at work every day, because his main work space is at home with Mosely on his lap or at his feet.

We watched movies, watched Pushing Daisies episodes, played Dutch Blitz, and even a little wii!

Here's a pic of Bec with Mosely on the couch where they cuddle.

And one last pic of Chuck with Bec by our rental car. We did some second hand store shopping together. Chuck went along and was very patient. He found this great leather jacket priced at $25, marked to 1/2 price. Doesn't he look great!


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