Bartel Thanksgiving

It was a smaller gathering today, only two grandchildren. 

I saw a story on NPR's site entitled,
Full disclosure, I haven't read it. 
The title was enough. 
I already know it is true, except I would add one thing. I'd include the spouses too.

It was pretty great to sit around the table for, wow, at least 
FIVE hours. 
This is my at home feeling. 
If the conversation is flowing, 
let it flow. 

And it was flowing. 

We had teasing, and serious talk, and political talk (we all agree),
 we talked about our different churches, and our different jobs. 
We talked about raising kids, and being raised. 
We talked about how lucky we are. 
We shared about things that are hard in our lives, and were able to stop and take a breath and change the subject when we needed to. 
We tried to remember every house and apartment Mom and Dad had lived in. 
We remembered foods we used to cook for supper, 
foods we used to take on vacation,
the way Dad put barbeque sauce on everything,
and how when he did, he carefully applied it in a pattern so that every bite would have exactly the same amount of flavor.
And so much more...

The food was pretty great too. Somehow we managed to overeat our main courses, 
keep talking, 
enjoy the kindness of my nephews clearing away the food and plates, 
keep talking,
discuss dessert,
keep talking, 
eat dessert,
keep talking.

When I stood up from the table, I realized it was 11:30 p.m.

My sister has a great idea. Our Christmas gathering should be at least two days long.


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