Last Day of NaBloPoMo, Time for Evaluation

This has been an interesting and challenging month of posting on the blog every single day (except November 1 and 2, before I became aware of the challenge).

It's time to look back and evaluate the challenge.

One of the main reasons I took on National Blog Posting Month is because I also participate in another challenge.  The Any Good Thing Writing Challenge (which I posted about here) has been a constant in my life since April, although I took a one month break during our vacation month, since I didn't have internet then. Writing at least 400 words a day, at least 5 days a week has added some good structure to my writing.

It also is making it obvious that I'm ready for more purpose in my writing. 
I need direction, a goal. 

On the morning of November 3, I saw a reference to National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), and decided it was time to try it. At the time I was posting only about once a month or less. I would write things, and then judge them to be a waste of reader time. The longer I participated in Any Good Thing Writing Challenge, the more judgmental I became of my writing. I realized I needed a push. I needed to take a leap. NaBloPoMo could be that leap.

What was the worst that could happen? 
Nothing. If nothing happened, nothing changed, that would be the worst that could happen.

What is the best that could happen?
I'd learn more writing skills, have some fun, gain confidence, and connect with people more frequently.

What did happen?

I've posted every day for 28 days.
People interact with me about the things I have written.
Watching which posts get more hits has been a thing, along with trying to understand what made those posts more appealing.
I learned how to use google images to add more visuals.

The most fun thing that happened was a half hour break from impostor syndrome. 

Impostor syndrome, if you haven't heard of it, is where you feel like you are only posing at the thing you are doing. For me, it means that I believe I'm just pretending to be a writer. On one afternoon this month, I had a half hour off from it!

Questions I'm asking myself: 
Am I writing for me or for my readers?
Does it matter?
Does it matter how many people regularly read my blog?
If it does, what do I do about that?
Do I want to continue writing mostly for people who already know me?
Do I want to tweak the blog to attract more readers?
Should I look for some YouTube blogging tips?
Do I have other goals?

Things that are not working:
Writing at the end of the day has done one good thing for me and one not so good thing for me. 
The good thing is that I no longer assume I will have time to watch Netflix in the evening.
The not so good thing is that I'm nearly always up well past the time when Chuck goes to bed.
I'm wondering how hard it would be to adjust to writing during the day or early in the morning. Here is where it would be good to believe I am a writer. 
Believing I'm an impostor prevents me from using 'work time' for writing.

Changes to make?
Cut back to two or three times a week, but not less than that. That will give me more time to work on other things, or to work on ideas that take longer to develop.

Write at a different time of day for a trial period.

Watch for new challenges.

Stop worrying about whether I'm a writer or not. 

Lastly, thanks to all of you who have been reading my blog this month! 
Your kind support has been encouraging.


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